Ineke Buskens 貝毅然

Principal Research Fellow

United Nations University Institute on Computing and Society



Ineke Buskens is a cultural anthropologist, who is currently based at the United Nations University Institute on Computing and Society in Macau, SAR China. Ineke has published on qualitative and emancipatory research methodology, women’s health, Gender and ICT4D and Open Development. Born in the Netherlands, Ineke’s Doctoranda degree (Drs.) is from Leiden University, where she co-designed and co-facilitated the first Dutch Women’s Studies majors in 1978. After having been Head of the Centre for Research Methodology of the Human Sciences Research Council in South Africa for five years, Ineke has led several transnational, interdisciplinary and multi-method research projects, of which the GRACE Research Network, involving 28 teams in18 countries in Africa and the Middle East, has been the latest. GRACE completed 35 projects successfully and Ineke is the main editor of its two books.


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